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What kind of website do you need?

Choosing the right web site is very important. Please find below more information about Static Web Site, Dynamic Web Site, CMS and Online Based Solutions.

  • Simple web site, up to 10 pages, used to present any business or person. Usually it contain a home page, about us, contacts and portfolio page.
    It is suitable when the information on the website is not changed often and when interaction with customers is not needed.
  • It’s called Dynamic or Interactive because the website will interact with the customers and dynamically change its content to provide the needed information.
    Online catalogs, selling products or services websites are most of the time dynamic.
  • Online based software are more like desktop software, designed to perform certain tasks. This task can be anything that will help, improve or automate your work.
    It can be an internal corporate knowledge database, evaluating tool for your employees, product specific service you would like to provide.
  • CMS or Content Management Systems, like WordPress, are suitable for simple websites.

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